My girl crush

No matter your age we all remember Sex and the City. I waited for that show all week. Sunday nights the anticipated was satisfied each and every week. Yes I love Carrie. She was so not afraid to be different. Her style, impeccable to say the least. She was not afraid of color, or mix and matching fabrics, or wearing just a bra and a pair of pants as an outfit. Carrie was fearless, my hero. Remember the scene where Carrie married big. The focal pint of her outfit were those blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. Remember when Big built her an every girl’s dream closet? The only pair of shoes in the closest were those (Yep you guessed it) blue Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Fast forward after the Sex and the City era Carrie aka Sarah Jessica Parker has a shoe line that is hot, hot, hot. From the styles to the fabrics to the colors the line is selling out. I’ve had a pair of hot pink pumps on back order. When you are a style icon it’s natural to have your own shoe line that is highly successful. Here’s to you SJP. Keep em coming.