Have you ever tried Birch Box?

Birch Box is a box of joy that comes to your door step each month.  It is a goody box that has amazing samples of beauty products for you to try.   I like to call it try before you buy, or you give it the thumbs up or thumbs down.

The subscription is $10 per month and your world is opened to new and exciting cosmetics as well as shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers you name it.  the packages are perfectly wrapped and you also have an itemized card included that describes exactly what is in the box.  It’s travel season so these samples are good for the on the go woman who does a lot of traveling or the vacationers.  this box is just in time for my trip to Maui.

Visit http://www.birchbox.com and get your taste of joy each month.

Birch Box 2

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Energy Drinks and you

I have always said that I would never need to use anything to get me through the day.  Over the years life intervenes and there are ups and downs happen.   As life turns careers becomes more demanding, kids come along, and sometimes divorce happens which lands you into single parenthood.  While all of this is going on there are still only twenty-four hours in a day.  We try to fit it all into those twenty-four hours.  So what happens you ask?  For me I thought I just need a Red Bull to boost my energy.  Then  once a week becomes two times a week then all of a sudden it seems like I take a Red Bull each day to just get through the day.

Of course I hear the warning signs all of the time that these drinks are no good for you.  The sensible solution would be to just wind down the day and get enough sleep but you know how hard that is. Wile sitting  in my dentist’s  chair today I saw a report that a teenager died from a heart attack which was linked to drinking too much Red Bull.


Hmmmm wake up call.  I have to learn that I cannot do it all.  I have to allow myself to sleep as do we all.  If you are like me lets stop burning the candle on both ends.  Say no to Red Bull and other energy drinks.  It might just be saving your life.






A healthy Power breakfast

After a vigorous workout last night this morning I’m hungry. Of course the urge is to eat something totally unhealthy since I’m headed back to the gym tonight.

My good sense prevailed and I decided on an egg omelette with ham and spinach. A breakfast packed with protein gives me the energy that I will need to get through my day. Eating healthy provides the body with the nutrients needed to be strong.

Healthy eating takes the guessing out of weight loss.  Make sure to drink lots of water.