From My Closet

I think that I have what most women want. A closet that you can walk around in, or sit and think in. For me fashion is a part of my life, something that I have loved from the time I was a little girl. When I’ve put together a good look the adrenalin rush is amazing.

For me the inspiration for an outfit starts from a thought. I start with one piece of clothing, or an accessory and build around it. It is such an accomplishment when I have nailed it and receive compliments. Each piece in my closet means something to me. I can probably tell you where I bought everything. I know if it was a present, I can tell you when I received the gift and what the occasion was.

For the work week I have a process. Sometimes I pull pieces that I may think of wearing and hang them in full view from the shelves. So on Sunday my closet is a neat space, by Friday there are shoes, bags, and belts everywhere.  The spaces on the shoe shelves means the shoes are usually on the floor.

My closet is my safe haven. Sometimes I go in and just sit, and I  either think about my day or think what the heck am I going to wear tomorrow? Sometimes when I look around I think I should never buy another piece of clothing, shoes, jewelry or bag, but I know that I will.  I also love, love, love, my chandelier.  I love that it matches my window treatment and my bench.  That’s the matching freak in me.

Sometimes when I have a bad day I go to my closet for a few moments and I feel better.  I just thought I’d share some thoughts from my closet.

closet 1 closet 2 closet 3 closet 4


New York …. it will always be home to me

There are days like today when I really miss New York more so the City (Manhattan).  Summertime in NYC is the best.  You get to people watch for hours if you want to.  You get to sit outside and eat the most amazing food at the best restaurants in the world.  Everyone comes to New York because it is that place that you want to be a part of.  When I lived in  NY there were many times that I  left work for the day and there was so much to do before I hopped on the LIRR and headed for home.

I miss those days, especially in the summer.   I miss my friends, the shopping, the food and most of all the atmosphere.  There is nothing like it.  I don’t ever think I will live in New York again (unless the most amazing job comes up) however I will always have to get my twice a year fix and head home.  It is the best feeling to know that I can walk the streets of Manhattan at 1am and it looks like it is 12 noon there are people everywhere.  It will never get old.

However what I will not miss is the ice, slush and snow and two degree days.  So when I get a case of the blues I remember that I can always go home to visit and come back to AZ where the weather in the winter is 80 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night.


New York