The Ceramic Curling Iron

If you’re like me you are always using heat in your hair. It’s either the blow dryer or the curling iron more than twice a week. Over the years I have switched from iron to ceramic curling irons.

I was told the product is easier on your hair. Lets face it heat is heat and we are not to use it as often as we do. However what I have found is the ceramic product lasts longer. When you use the iron curler daily after a while I would feel it crack or chip and snag my hair. I don’t see this with a ceramic styler. In that way it is so much better for my hair because no snags equals no breakage. The bottom line is that we will continue to use heat in our hair all in the name of beauty but we can make better choices in the products we use.

I choose ceramic just because I have seen the results and it works for me. I use a blow dryer and curling in my hair five out of seven days a week so I have to be conscious of the products that I use.

The brand that works for me is Hot Tools. I love the sizes of the curling irons and they handle with ease. So if you have to use heat on a regular basis choose the right product.

hot tools