The thing about Black Hair…..

I usually receive compliments on my hair and I always wonder if people know what it takes to achieve the look. Black hair is different. It’s not wash, blow dry, and out the door in a half hour. It is a process that can take upwards of two or more hours to achieve.  Did you know that my hair doesn’t start out straight?  My natural hair is curly.  In order to achieve the straight-haired look I have to relax my hair using a relaxer.  This takes about 20-35 minutes.  I then have to wash the relaxer out, shampoo, and condition, blow dry, and then curl.   The whole process takes about 2 hours.  I cannot color my hair with a permanent or semi permanent color while I have a relaxer in my hair because my hair will break. Also the relaxer process is done every 6-8 weeks.  If you’re like me you’ve struggled with yourself asking the question should I just let it go natural and be done with it?   I have not quite reached he end of the road with relaxers as yet.  The texture of black hair is so different.  It can be  fine, course, curly, or kinky.  We all have our routine of what we do with our hair.  I choose to relax mine.  I have learned over the years how to do my hair this saves me lots of cash.  I do go to a stylist but only to get my hair trimmed.

I go to the gym 3 times a week on a regular basis.  Once I am done have to come home, wash, blow dry, and style my hair. This is a deterrent for women to go to the gym. They don’t want to have to do all of this extra work.  For me the desire to be healthy outweighs the extra hour or 2 that I will have to spend doing my hair. It is a process a lengthy one. However, I would not have it any other way as it teaches me to be dedicated.  Whether you wear it, natural, relaxed, or curly, embrace it.    For those of you who  have wondered I hope that I have done a good job of explaining the thing about black hair.

black hair 1black hair 2black hair 5black hair 6black hair 3



After the movie….. Walgreens please

So, as you know I like to walk the isles of Walgreens looking for the next new thing in beauty.  so here is what I found.

Simple Toner for sensitive skin, which helps out when its hot and your skin is super oily.  Also Neutrogena has really revamped their skin care line.  I found the Healthy Skin Firming Cream which I thought might be too heavy but it isn’t.  I put it on before bed and my skin did well, no grease.

Last but not least L’Oreal has a new mascara out.  I have been a fan for years so I am sure that L’Oreal mss Manga will do wonders for my eyes.


Drug store


My most fave place….. The Beauty Spot

The atmosphere is inviting, the staff is friendly. They have the most amazing jewelry from all over the world.  I found this place about 4 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. The Beauty Spot has unique pieces. They also offer beauty treatments, hair styling and much more.

Located in Scottsdale, it’s the place to go to when you need some retail therapy or you want to check out what’s new. Check them out you won’t regret it. It’s my go to place when I need a pick me up.

This piece is one of my favorites.



Shoes…. my ADDICTION!

If you know anything about me you know that SHOES are my weakness.  I have other small addictions like  bags, makeup, clothes, jewelry.  However there is nothing like a fabulous pair of shoes.  Sometimes when I go into the store I don’t know what I am going to get.  It’s just the moment when your eye lands on that pair of shoes and you know it’s the one and you have to have it.   Something goes off in my brain when I see that pair of shoes and I immediately know what outfit I will wear with them.

I’ve seen many shoe stores and I’ve tried on many shoes.  The best feeling in the world is when someone says “oh my gosh I love your shoes”

Here are two pairs that I spotted while browsing the web.   Love, love love, I hope that you like them too.


brian atwood heelsbrian atwood blue





Tomorrow is date night …… what will you wear? hmmmmm..

So you’re going on a date.  It’s a first date.  You want to impress but you don’t want to look like you tried too hard.  Don’t worry help is here.   This Kate Spade Dress is summer chic and is sure to impress your date.   Add a clutch with this outfit to make it pop.  Now go and enjoy your night!   Find this look at Bloomingdales!



kate spade
The date night dress



MAC COSMETICS…. they gave us what we wanted

Have you heard? MAC has introduced a whole new line of waterproof make up the Aqua line. Can you believe it?  Powder, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush.   Simply fantastic.   I always feel that when I spend any time in the pool I look like a wet rag when I get out.  Nothing like the bikini models, even though I know that everything is airbrushed in magazines.

However,  I am so excited for this line. I have been a MAC wearer since I was fourteen years old. I bought my fist MAC lipstick in Toronto, Canada at the mall. I  cannot wait to try the product which was appropriately launched for the summer season.  I will report back once I have given these products a try.



mac blush
Mac Blush

MAC Aqua line

mac powder
Mac Powder


mac lipstick
MAC Lipstick
mac eyeliner
MAC Eyeliner






The Makeup Trend…. Blue eyes.. Orange lips

Remember when blue eyeshadow was really in? That was in the 80’s. Well its back with a vengeance and hotter than ever. I even got on the band wagon and I’m very conservative with my makeup. Blue eyeshadow is popping up everywhere, on the younger and older woman alike. It brings attention to the eyes and adds color to your whole look. Join the blue eyeshadow movement

Let’s talk orange lipstick. It has a different look on all skin tones. Orange lipstick makes me feel like summer. When worn in the fall it makes me think about the leaves changing color. The color is chic and adds that something that you need to complete your outfit. Try it, you won’t regret it.


blue 2

blue 3

orange lipstick