My week in Style

Summers are miserably hot in Arizona. However, for no its home. As I do every summer, I stand in my closet and complain then find my best clothing options to remail cool.

I’m outside mists times for five minutes to take these style pics less if I get a good shot.

This week’s mix went all the way from super casual to hello darling.

Happy Friday, and have an amazing weekend!


A week of Lewks!

2020 Visions

The New Year came and went. I was exactly where I wanted to be at midnight it was such a great night. Since it’s still January I can still say Happy New Year to you guys.

I hope that you have set goals for yourselves that are achievable. Me, well I’m going to continue to live my life my way and on my terms. I’m so excited for what this year has to offer.💋