That last summer hang..

You know the one.. There is a plan in place before Friday.. You search your closet for the perfect outfit. You call the girls to find out what they are wearing. You start the party at home before you hit the road. You make sure the makeup and the slay is in point. You step […]


The Past and Present me✨

Sometimes I look back past pics and I swear that I looked older then. The today me is more vibrant and outgoing. I have a little more meat on my bones and I’m loving me. I used to worry about every single thing which takes such a toll on you. One day I decided that […]



When I started on Instagram and blogging four years ago I had no idea where I wanted to go with it. However I let go of the uncertainty and went for it. What I knew for sure is that I love fashion and why not share it. I also knew that some days I needed […]