Girl Time

About to catch up with the bestie and just enjoy sometime just relaxing.

It’s been a good week, time to head into the weekend and keep it simple.

Cheers you guys hope you are doing something fun.

Top – Talbots

Jeans – Banana Republic

Belt – Ferragamo

Shoes – Rag and Bone

Lookin for the weekend..

Lookin for the weekend..

Hello loves, I hope everyone had a good week. I know I got a lot done. Outside of a minor speed bump I made it to Friday with no catastrophic events🙄.

I can’t wait to start my weekend, I get to hang with my bestie. It feels like I haven’t seen her in forever. My other plan is simply sleep in 😴. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope they are as simple as mine.

Happy Friday!

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you..

I hear over and over that I’m a nice person. Sometimes I think my niceness may cause people to think I can easily be taken advantage of. Here’s the thing, I pack a mean punch. It’s funny to me how niceness is seen as weakness. It really makes me sad.

However I know that being a good person brings good karma. For all those who think taking advantage of people will make them better, I’m here to say think of it this way. Put the shoe in the other foot. People disappoint me sometimes. However I will continue to see the good in everyone because I’m all about positivity.


It’s funny how to smile or not to smile gives you a whole different look. I’m told that when I don’t smile I intimidate. When I do smile I’m approachable. Well I didn’t smile in this one. The softer edge is gone, I look like I’ve got an attitude so that’s what I named it. It doesn’t offend me if people say I’m intimidating. That would be a you problem not a me problem😂.

I’m totally in love with this look though! Details attached. Happy Wednesday loves💋

Top – Carolina Constas

Jeans – JBrand

Shoes – Louboutin

Bag – Valentino



I like to say that I’m not perfect … but I’m certainly not regular.

One of my followers used the word “extraordinary” to describe me.

At first I thought that would be so conceited of me to say. However I thought about it and you know what extraordinary just means that I’m different from the rest, and that I most certainly am.

Dress – Alice and Olivia

Shoes- Gucci

Bag – Chloe

Coat – Ann Taylor


When you feel good the energy around you is good.

I choose positivity, I choose success. I choose to not exist but I choose to live.

Sending positive vibes. I hope you had an amazing Sunday.

Top and Pants – Athleta

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – Balmain