Frustration Levels

Frustration Levels

Do you ever get to the point where your frustration makes you want to become a different person for a minute and tell a person how you really feel?  Well, that happens to me. When I was younger, I did not have a filter,  if I thought it I said it.  Now as a wiser more mature person (she laughs) I tend to think more before I speak, you know thinking about the other person’s feelings or how it may make me look if I say what I really want to.  So I keep it PC.

However every once and a while I just have to go off the rails because I feel it’s the only way to get someone to listen.  As my mother used to say, speaking nicely doesn’t sometimes work, so you have to change the behavior.

Corporate settings are a cesspool for not saying what you really think.  As an HR professional well, I have to keep somethings to myself until I leave my workplace.  When I get to this place of frustration, the gym, other things I can’t mention, and a chilled glass of wine keeps me sane.

What do you do to relieve stress and frustration?

These are my 5 frustration remedies

1 A good old fashioned girlfriend talk

2 People watching

3 A kick-ass session at the gym

4 The unmentionable (you know what I mean)

5 A glass of wine or champagne

Black girls and exercise

Black girls and exercise

The good news is that we are actually more conscious about moving our bodies and making healthier choices.   When I look back at my earlier self, I’ve always been into fitness.  I ran track; I was a ballet dancer.  I was always doing something that involved exercise, so I guess its engrained in me.    The question I get the most is “are you a trainer, or do you body build. “ I find that so funny because I believe that my body is so far away from being one of those things.  I am aiming for fit.    I like my clothes to fit me right, and I like to feel good.  It is a struggle always to eat healthily this is why I always say everything in moderation.

Excerpt sometimes I have this go hard or go home mentality. If I’m not sweating I’m not working hard enough.

So on to the beauty part, we as black girls get labeled as the ones who don’t like to work out because we don’t want to get our hair wet.  I’ve had people ask me what do you do with your hair.  Well, its simple I go home and wash it after the workout.  So my  hands are basically always in my hair.  Tedious?  Yes, it is but necessary.   Do I get tired?  Of course, I do, but the alternative is not acceptable to me. I love the fact that we really have a presence and showing the world that we are taking care of our bodies and that we are comfortable in the skin we are in.

More than ever we see faces like mine living their best lives, while changing the world and the perception of who we are, and I’m loving it.  I know that exercise, eating healthy, and cutting down on stress is what will allow me to have a long and happy life.  Let’s keep up the good work and maintain our healthy lifestyles and glow in all of our fabulousness. xo

Taking the time

Taking the time

I rarely plug out, take time to just be. I’m always in to the next thing. Sometimes I think I don’t know how to relax, to just chill.

Sometimes I think it’s because my brain seems to go nonstop. So I’m always thinking or worrying about the next thing, the next project, the next vacation.

It’s always something but, I’ve also learned that a me that is is not taking care of myself is not good for anybody.

So now I force myself to be still. That is when you can truly listen to what Is next in store. It s when I find the solutions, it’s. Also when the creativity flows.

Plugging out is not a bad thing it’s a necessary thing.

So much happening..

Okay guys so you see that my posts are sometimes plentiful and then they slow down.

Well here’s why, as an HR Director I never know the kind of day I will have. Most of the time I try to blog before work but that does not always happen. When I get home most of the time I’m exhausted. However since it’s quicker daily updates for the most time are always on instagram. Follow me @ bstylebeauty.

However here is the week in review.

I’ve got a sponsorship with flat tummy tea. Yes I use the product. It does work when used in addition to eating well and working out.

Style shots for this week..

It’s outfit

Too- Intermix

Pant- Banana Republic

Shoes – Valentino

2nd outfit

Jumpsuit- Forever 21

Clutch – Coach

Shoes – Saint Laurent

3rd outfit

Jumpsuit – Talbots

Belt – Banana Republic

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Our hands

The one body part that we forget about is our hands, and why is that we use them for practically everything.

As much as any other body part our hands get dry, yet sometimes we dint get the attention needed.

Fortunately there is.a product won’t there specifically for hands. Hand MD was specially formulated for the care of our hands.

Check out This daily dual repair serum/moisturizer will promote healthy skin, fewer lines and offer sun protection. Try yours today.

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Take care of those hands!

About this eating thing

About this eating thing

I’m a foodie. I always have been a foodie. However I’m also into healthy eating and just maintaining my health. Since my vacation in Jamaica it’s been a constant food fest.

Let me just tell you, this first week of January is brutal. The workouts, the eating healthy. My body is literally in withdrawal. However as we do each year we embrace it and do our best to be better.

Besides I want to see what my body can do without sweets, and carbs, will maybe once in a while I’ll have carbs. My trainer keeps telling me there are good carbs 😂.

Happy healthy eating you guys!