I’m glad I brought this baby along

Coming from AZ where there is no humidity and walking into one hundred percent humidity in Japan is alarming.  Needless to say showers and a change of clothes can be constant.  My hair is usually easy.  However these last days have been a challenge.  I’m glad I brought my Garnier hair spray.  It works and saves me the hassle of having to turn my curling iron on frequently.  I’m thankful for little things.


It’s a 10

Just like there is face mask there’s a hair mask.  I found  it’s a 10 at Ulta yesterday.  The stylist says she swears by it, looks like I will too.    This mask works on every aspect of hair care restoring moisture, elasticity, and color.  It can’t hurt that it smells ahmazing.  This product is a keeper.


Product week continued

As I sit waiting for my next meeting to start why not share my newest product discovery from my past Cocotique box. I actually used this product last night. The Acure line shampoo and conditioner. Anything with Argan Oil is good for your hair. It’s instant smoothness.

I don’t know about you but the minute a product hits my hair I can tell you if my hair will be happy or not. The texture of your hair changes and I know whether it will be a good or bad hair day. These two products get a thumbs up. This morning my hair is silky smooth. Check out the Cocotique website at the bottom of my page to make a purchase. I like it and I would invest in the full size product. Another win!



Only the greatest hair mask ever. This product is a must buy . It leaves you hair super silky soft and smooth. You will not be disappointed.
As a matter of fact I’m going back to purchase another jar.