The one thing that I have to do is

Have better eating habits on the weekend. It’s 2:35pm and the only thing I have eaten for the day is a fruit bowl and a caramel apple spice t. It’s not good I know. On the weekend I’m less regimented than I am during the week and my eating suffers. I try to sleep in so I miss breakfast . I start doing things around the house and forget about lunch. Usually my first meal is in the afternoon. By then I’m starving, and of course that’s when you eat the bad stuff. Right now I’m craving some almond crunch ice cream. I’m trying to fight the feeling.

I’ve been thinking

All day I’ve been thinking about what to say about this new year. Should I talk about resolutions? Should I talk about goals? What words of wisdom do I have to tell you?

Well here goes. Each year we talk about all of the things that we want to do. This list gets long and overwhelming and before you know it the year is over. We then look back and think wow I didn’t do too well with that list and then we feel bad. I like to think of one thing that I want to accomplish for the year and work on that. I have a bucket list if you will and I choose one thing from it each year. This works for me and there is no pressure. Things like eat right, exercise more, get a new job well those are life choices. These things we do if we really want to bad enough. Each new year deserves a new experience. So take the pressure off and make this year a great one. Enjoy your lives and stop living in fear of resolutions. Take a minute to breathe.


This is the good life…

When I get the opportunity to get some down time I take it. This doesn’t happen often for me. There’s always something to do. So today when I get to sit on my couch , and blog, and eat ice cream well I’m in heaven. Some times it’s the little things that make life sweet. And this almond crunch ice cream that I am devouring is to die for. I workout all year I deserve to have this amazing treat. Mmmmmmm.


Still shopping?

Are you still in the mall in a panic? The lines are crazy long and everyone looks stressed. How about an e card. It’s convenient and it’s simple. The gift goes right to the person’s email. With the quick click of a button the shopping nightmare is over. I know j just did it and my shopping is done and I didn’t have to go to the store.


You know how….

Your days starts out with a stomachache but you suck it up and move on. Then you go to lunch and that was no good and the stomachache returns. So now the rest of the day you’re hungry with a stomachache. You’re afraid to eat because you don’t want to make the situation worse. Now you go home and realized you’ve got errands to run. You realize that you can’t go to the gym. All of that jumping around will make you feel worse. So you put on something comfy run your errands and then lay on the couch. Day over. That’s the kind of day that I had. At least my comfy outfit was cute. And tomorrow it begins again.