My most fave place….. The Beauty Spot

The atmosphere is inviting, the staff is friendly. They have the most amazing jewelry from all over the world.  I found this place about 4 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. The Beauty Spot has unique pieces. They also offer beauty treatments, hair styling and much more. Located in Scottsdale, it’s theContinue reading “My most fave place….. The Beauty Spot”

MAC COSMETICS…. they gave us what we wanted

Have you heard? MAC has introduced a whole new line of waterproof make up the Aqua line. Can you believe it?  Powder, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush.   Simply fantastic.   I always feel that when I spend any time in the pool I look like a wet rag when I get out.  Nothing like the bikiniContinue reading “MAC COSMETICS…. they gave us what we wanted”

The Makeup Trend…. Blue eyes.. Orange lips

Remember when blue eyeshadow was really in? That was in the 80’s. Well its back with a vengeance and hotter than ever. I even got on the band wagon and I’m very conservative with my makeup. Blue eyeshadow is popping up everywhere, on the younger and older woman alike. It brings attention to the eyesContinue reading “The Makeup Trend…. Blue eyes.. Orange lips”