The Past and Present me✨

Sometimes I look back past pics and I swear that I looked older then. The today me is more vibrant and outgoing. I have a little more meat on my bones and I’m loving me. I used to worry about every single thing which takes such a toll on you. One day I decided that […]


Our hands

The one body part that we forget about is our hands, and why is that we use them for practically everything. As much as any other body part our hands get dry, yet sometimes we dint get the attention needed. Fortunately there is.a product won’t there specifically for hands. Hand MD was specially formulated for […]



Feeling confident in your own skin is so important to me, and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with @perfektbeauty. Their products are designed to help accentuate your natural beauty rather than cover it up – such a great message! I’ve been loving their Skin Perfection Plus in particular, it’s so easy to apply! I […]