Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You

Sometimes we run hard and fast and forget to take care of the most important thing ourselves. This months essence magazine had an amazing article entitled "Bon Apetit' Gorgeous!. Bringing to the forefront the things that can help us be better on the inside as well as the outside, foods, products etc.
The article also answered those questions that we may have been afraid to ask. The article included vitamin tips for every possible issue you can imagine. I was particularly enthralled with the portion on keeping your lady parts healthy.

I visited the appropriate website and decided the kit would be the best value for me. Traditionally speaking these are things that we never talked about. I'm glad to be a part of a society where we are talking and sharing. Check out the website https://lovewellness.co

If you get a chance it's a good read. It covers products for mental health, well being, aging. Loving the skin you're with a little enhancement.

Happy Reading! Let me know what you think

A day in the life of me

I wake up every morning thinking, I should really get some more sleep.  I lay in bed longer than I intend to, checking my blog, my personal email, and Facebook.  You know important things.  That’s really me trying to delay the day and the zillion things that I have to do. I turn on the news while I get ready, knowing whzt’s going on the world is a must.  Next stop is makeup, putting the outfit together.  I do this while wondering  hmm do I have time for coffee, and I wonder what unexpected things will happen today.  I also spare myself some time to daydream, we all do it regardless of if we care to admit it.    

Once  I leave the house it seems that I go into warp speed.  Sometimes meetings Take place in the car before I even get to work.  Sometimes I think there is radar and people know I’m there before I even pull in to my parking spot.  After my whirlwind day I finish my day off when I walk through the door of my home and embrace the peace.  Depending on my day the first stop Is the refrigerator,   A glass of wine to wash the day away..  today was a wine day.

I can’t wait to Style these babies 👠

You just can’t beat a good shoe.  Whether it’s strappy or a pump,  the right shoe completes the outfit.  It’s the statement piece if you will.  I’m partial to the sexy heel.  Four of inches is my maximum heel.  So it thrills me each time I acquire a new pair of shoes.  I walk by looking at them wondering when the right inspiration will come along.  Sometimes the shoe sits for over a year until that day the lightbulb appears and I’ve got it.  The perfect outfit for that perfect shoe.  I love it when things fall into place.