Spring Style Collaboration

Hi Guys:

A little Friday night entertainment for ya.

Check out my first style video along with the super talented stylist at Nordstrom.

We intend for this to be a monthly series.

Happy Watching!

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Spring Style Collaboration

  1. OMG! This was simply put… awesome! I so enjoyed this segment with great outfits, shoes and bag pairings that are definitely trendy eye catchers, not to mention how fun and interactive you all have made it.
    Big congrats to you both and I’m definitely looking forward to staying tuned… 👍🏼💞

  2. Love, loved the video with Eddie. I really live your style. I always look forward to what you are wearing.

  3. Loved this…I changed my mind regarding the segment’s name. Now I think either Styles Behind the Scene or Behind the Scene Styles, which pays homage to you and Eddie.

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