Standing in the doorway of success

Let me just say that getting out of the holiday mindset is very difficult.  I struggled to leave my warm, comfy bed this morning.  I always call January the longest month of the year. You go from 3 months of partial work weeks to what seems to be a long stretch of nothing but work.  There are no distractions just work.  If you’re in my field (Human Resources) the first quarter is brutal.  So hello Monday, seriously I’m grateful to be employed in a career that I love but some days can I just mute the alarm clock for good.  However I should stop being a baby and just do what I have to do and that is exactly what I did today as I reaffirmed in my head how amazing this year will be.


l have so much to do in my career, as well as in my personal life.  I like to say that I’m claiming all of the joy, happiness, and success for myself because I deserve it.  Success will continue to be mine. So on the days that you just don’t feel like getting out of bed because of the overwhelming amount of work you have to do, get up anyway.  Go into that closet, pick out that power outfit and get out and do your thing to the best of your ability.  At the end of the day that is all that we can do.


So my friends, here’s to a great week filled with endless possibilities. Remember you have to be in the game to win.

Happy Monday💋

Dress – Rent the Runway

Coat – Topshop

Tights – Fendi

Shoes – Louis Vuitton