I dress according to how I feel or what kind of day I’m going to have.

Today it was all about business. My thought was we’re here to win, collaborate and make changes so let’s do this.

Let’s just say it worked out well.

Dress: Calvin Klein

Bag – Celine

Shoes – Louboutin

Pin – Chanel

Your style mood

On Monday’s we dread getting out of bed. I wait until the last possible moment. This mornings approach was, I’m going to dress up and be fabulous on this Monday. There were some that almost made me go negative but I persevered. So here we are the day is almost over and my mood it’s intact. It’s the little things. Dress better feel better.

Hope you had a fabulous Mondayūüíč

If you’re like me, I sure would have liked to call in rich today. However today was not my day for that so I sighed, stretched, and got out of bed to do this thing called life. We all had that what if scenario going on in our heads as the jackpot got bigger.

At least there is one person in this world that never has to worry about anything again in life.

Now for the rest of us the hustle continues ‚ú®