The Past and Present me✨

Sometimes I look back past pics and I swear that I looked older then. The today me is more vibrant and outgoing. I have a little more meat on my bones and I’m loving me. I used to worry about every single thing which takes such a toll on you. One day I decided that I was going to just live and let life happen instead of trying to control it all.

You know what happened, I think I took 10 years of age off and I’m happier. I laugh more, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a good belly laugh. On the not so good days when I need a good cry, I do exactly that. I travel, I’m through saying I can’t because of this or that. I am contented. As nervous as I may get sometimes when embarking on new adventures I never cheat myself out of that experience. Letting go of baggage and accepting myself was such a good life lesson. So when I look aback at these pictures I say hmm what was I thinking, there is so much life to live.

And by the way it’s Friday, we made it now who else wants a cocktail? I know exactly what I’m going to have …

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere so have one for me 🥂


When I started on Instagram and blogging four years ago I had no idea where I wanted to go with it. However I let go of the uncertainty and went for it. What I knew for sure is that I love fashion and why not share it. I also knew that some days I needed some inspiration, words of encouragement, so why not be that person for people.

I still don’t have all of the answers but I like where this forum has led me. It’s not all fun and games, all days are NOT perfect.

However the one thing I know is that I can always find inspiration here when I need it. Those days when life is uncertain, when the relationship is going through a struggle, when as a mom I want to pull my hair out I can write out my struggles and channel my energy. I still don’t have all of the answers but I hope you will continue to follow along with me in this thing called 𝐋ife.

It’s almost Friday y’all💃🏾


It’s always good to look back to see how far you’ve come. I look back to that time when I did not think I’d survive divorce. When you’re in a relationship you get used to the other person being there despite the turbulence of a relationship. Back then the younger me was so strong willed and stubborn with no filter.

A relationship takes two and it is never just one person ‘s fault if it doesn’t work out.

Anywho fast forward to present day I would have never thought my ex and I would have been friends. You seriously have to go through the storms to come out on the other side. Life is so short. We see it everyday. It’s not all butterflies and roses. I committed to myself to experience this life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I committed to that I became amazed at how easy it is to miss the little things because I walk around trying to change things I have no control over. Live your life people let go of the old stuff, it wears on you. Once I let it go and committed to life the views changed. It’s okay to vacation alone, or take yourself to dinner. Love you.

Sometime not all relationships are forever they are an experience you are to have and learn from. The person that is meant for you will find you. Just be ready but for now take care of you. I’m having a damn good time taking care of me.

Happy Friday y’all 💕