So much happening..

Okay guys so you see that my posts are sometimes plentiful and then they slow down.

Well here’s why, as an HR Director I never know the kind of day I will have. Most of the time I try to blog before work but that does not always happen. When I get home most of the time I’m exhausted. However since it’s quicker daily updates for the most time are always on instagram. Follow me @ bstylebeauty.

However here is the week in review.

I’ve got a sponsorship with flat tummy tea. Yes I use the product. It does work when used in addition to eating well and working out.

Style shots for this week..

It’s outfit

Too- Intermix

Pant- Banana Republic

Shoes – Valentino

2nd outfit

Jumpsuit- Forever 21

Clutch – Coach

Shoes – Saint Laurent

3rd outfit

Jumpsuit – Talbots

Belt – Banana Republic

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

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