Let’s talk dating…

It certainly has evolved, meeting people has now come down to swipe right or left.

What happened to the old fashioned hello how are you. That world seems to have been left behind.

We are now left to figure out emojis or wonder what the tone of the text is instead of simply talking to each other.

You cannot build a relationship via text messaging yet we do it.

Is it because we are afraid of connection or is it because that keyboard is a barrier or courage.

I watch people and wonder how did we get here. Our lives are so demanding with everyone wanting access to us all of the time so maybe it’s hard to just be yourself.

I hope for our sakes that we remember that relationships take work. Doing it over text message … well that may not solve the problem.

For me dating is a challenge as I often wonder if people are around for the right reasons. Thank goodness for intuition that allows me to make smart decisions.

Let’s start the conversation what are you thoughts on this new age dating?

And while we’re at it isn’t this the perfect date night dress..

Dress – New York and Company

Shoes – Jimmy Choo