My Favorite New Accessory A Unique Wood Watch by JORD..

My Favorite New Accessory A Unique Wood Watch by JORD..

I like my watches to be like my style… UNIQUE✨
Accessories pull a whole look together. By carefully selecting the pieces that go into your look the finished product looks like a masterpiece. Selecting this one of a kind wood watch from JORD adds the finishing touch to my style.  A JORD watch represents me because my style is sometimes classic and at other times modern.

This watch fits both styles; it is refinement at its best.  Since having my new JORD watch, I have received many compliments as well as questions.  That is a very nice watch one person said.  Another said I’ve never seen anything like it.  Another asked what kind is it and where did you get it.  The fact that people notice something without me having to say something speaks volumes. When I receive compliments like this, I know that I have made the right choice, my JORD watch and I will be companions for a long time.

My choice of Rosewood and Ebony suits me as I go about my day in which I wear my many hats
This timepiece is elegant as well as edgy. I can wear it in the boardroom as well as to just chill with friends. Jord watches use wood from all over the world to create these extraordinary finishes that the various wood hues give.

The craftsmanship is superb which brings me to the look of it. Well crafted and sophisticated, it is a watch that will compliment any style and be a staple in my accessory drawer.

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Take a look at all of the watch collections offered by Jord Watches as well as their engraving services.

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Good Luck!

Our hands

The one body part that we forget about is our hands, and why is that we use them for practically everything.

As much as any other body part our hands get dry, yet sometimes we dint get the attention needed.

Fortunately there is.a product won’t there specifically for hands. Hand MD was specially formulated for the care of our hands.

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Boss Lady

Monday’s can be tough. It just depends on how you look at it. This morning I dreaded stepping into my day because I had so much to do.

However when so got moving and my brain started buzzing and creating I knew I had adulting to do.

My hustle is getting busier and I need to work more. Thank at what I asked for so I can’t complain when the plan starts coming together.

So I put in my big girl heels and my boss clothes and head out to make it happen.

I hope your week is successful and motivating.

Jumpsuit – J Crew

Shoes – Valentino

Bag – Gucci

Glasses – Rayban


For as long as I can remember I wore a one piece. I was never quite comfortable with bikinis. I was probably too self conscious, and looking back I probably didn’t think I had the body for it.

However I eased my way into bikinis and conquered that fear. Now I think I’m ready to go back to my one pence suit.

Why you ask, well because I can. I find the one piece to be stylish, elegant and sexy. It says mature, accomplished and aim doing my own thing.

This suit us giving me all types of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn vibes.

The one piece will always be a classic.

Glasses – Chanel

Suit – Macy’s