Flowers, Sparkles, and Bubbly

Flowers, Sparkles, and Bubbly

It’s been a long week for me, how about you. Work home, exercise and everything in between can be a lot. Over the long weekend take some time to be in the present and do some living. Here are 5 things that you can get into this weekend.


Dress – Talbots

Sneakers Gucci

5 things things to do over this long weekend.

  1. Discover your city. Attend culinary events, movies, art museums, even take in a comedy show.
  2. A spa day is always a good day, pamper yourself.
  3. A barbecue is always a good idea.
  4. A little beach or lake time. Enjoy the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen).
  5. Shop the sales there is always one on Memorial Day.



For those of you that were a fan of TLC that was the title of one of their albums.

This photo said that to me.

You cannot imagine how hard it is to come up with blog post titles.

Anywho Wednesday is over

We’re in the homestretch headed for the weekend..

Outfit – J Crew

Shoes Jimmy Choo

Belt – Banana Republic

Bracelet – Hermès