The things I’ve learned

It is important to be true to myself

I cannot be anyone except me

People’s opinion of me really doesn’t matter

It doesn’t take long for people to show who they are

Hard work really does pay off

Having high standards doesn’t make me difficult it just means that I deserve the best

It is okay to take a vacation

Choosing to be silent is a skill that takes years to develop

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean I have to

Being different is just that, I’m not like the rest


I would have never thought that at this stage of my life I’d be having as much or more fun than I did in my 20’s. It goes to show you that life is what you make it.

Age is nothing but a number we’re as young as we feel. Work hard, play hard. So this weekend do the thing you’ve always wanted to do. Get moving, enjoy the sunrise and or the sunset. There’s so much to do.

Write your own rules and live fiercely and with no regrets!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Women’s Day!

Cheers to you!

To all of you amazing, courageous, strong, independent, women. To the girls that look up to you as an example. Continue to lead, to shape the world. Continue to smash the glass ceiling and achieve so much more than anyone expected. May you shine bright and slay each and everyday. Do not let the world say you can’t because you can, so cross can’t from your vocabulary.
Happy Women’s Day🥂💋

I like what I like

I’m a creature of habit for the most part.

Sometimes I get restless.

When that happens I try new things.

When it comes to fashion it’s the same.

Most of my clothing will be from the same places with an occasional twist.

You can’t not be open to new things.


Go ahead try something new.

You just may like it.

Dress – Ann Taylor

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Bag – Chanel