Let’s talk

What are your goals for the year?  What do you want to be different?  What is the one thing that you must do this year?

These things can make it all seem so overwhelming.  What works for me is picking three major things.

I’ll go first with my three.

My first goal is to change up the content a little on the blog and Instagram.

My second goal is to be more adventurous, to say it sounds scary.

My third thing is to get outside of what I find to be normal and embrace the abnormal because it might bring me something good.   I would say cook more but we all know that won’t happen, lol.

A new year brings new things, with much of the old.  The secret is being able to incorporate some new things into the old routine.

I find that we delay things with the excuse of there is no time.  When is it ever the right time?  While we can let’s live and how about we enjoy it.

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