One-of those weekends

It was one of those weekends. You know the ones where the work week just carried over into the weekend. I felt like I didn’t get time off to recharge. However this is part of being an adult, sometimes you do things you don’t want to, but because it’s necessary.

So I took my moments where I could. Did I mention I was moving? Ugghhh, I hate moving. However on the positive side, I get to purge the things I’ve accumulated. I also get to build new memories in a new environment.

One of the things I have committed to in 2018 is turning the negative into positive. So as week one if this year closes I can say I accomplished my weekly tasks. I’m packing with the assistance of wine, and I’m moving ahead with the plan.

Looking at the year to come I’m excited. Oh yeah I’m in withdrawal from all of the yummy foods I’ve eaten over the last two months. My tummy is not happy.

Anywho here’s to Monday mornings and overcoming the anxiety that goes along with it.

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