New Year.. new me?

I hit the ground running this year and almost forgot to post. I’m still within the first week though so I’m good.

Well last year had its ups, it’s downs, and it’s maybe’s.

In my work life, it was amazing. I started off the year unsure of how I would make it work. With the correct guidance, I unlocked potential I didn’t even know I had.

In my post married life, I’ve really come into my own. I know myself better and I’m so comfortable with me.

Sidebar, dating sucks, but it’s all a part if the process. My kid is good our relationship has evolved. I’m no longer having conversations with a little kid, he’s almost a grown man. Ahhhh

As I entered thus new year I think of all of the successes that can happen so I’m speaking it into existence. I hope you all do the same.

Remember YOLO 💋

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