Month: January 2018


I woke up feeling ready to conquer this week. I also woke up thinking why are we afraid to be confident. Sometimes I think we limit ourselves because we’re always worried about what people will think. So we try to accommodate people and dim our light. The whole point of being you is to not […]



When you feel good the energy around you is good. I choose positivity, I choose success. I choose to not exist but I choose to live. Sending positive vibes. I hope you had an amazing Sunday. Top and Pants – Athleta Bag – Gucci Shoes – Balmain


A softer Friday

I usually start my week off wearing black. Why you ask, Wells Monday’s are usually dark. When I say that it’s not be a set of a mood or anything just because it’s a very serious day. For me it’s looking st the top of the hill and knowing that I have a long rough […]