I woke up feeling ready to conquer this week. I also woke up thinking why are we afraid to be confident. Sometimes I think we limit ourselves because we’re always worried about what people will think. So we try to accommodate people and dim our light.

The whole point of being you is to not be afraid. You must love yourself. If you are trying to be successful then you have to believe in yourself and not wait for someone to believe in you.

I’m here to tell you that walking alone on a different level is not something everyone can do. However if you have reached the point where you’re walking to your own beat and killing it as you go along, cheers to you for your desire to succeed, and your winning attitude. Now let’s rock this week like a BOSS.

New Space… New Memories

Sometimes we have to let go of the old and embrace the new. New friends, new opportunities, new goals are always there for the taking. We only have to accept them.

Having an open mind invites endless possibilities. It’s scary I know but also exciting. The unknown is part of that excitement.

I am so grateful for this new space where my son and I can create new memories.

The first weeks of 2018 has been challenging but guess what I am still here and excited about life.

Cheers to changes and all of the good stuff life has to offer💋

A softer Friday

I usually start my week off wearing black. Why you ask, Wells Monday’s are usually dark. When I say that it’s not be a set of a mood or anything just because it’s a very serious day. For me it’s looking st the top of the hill and knowing that I have a long rough climb.

On Friday, well the mountain my have been conquered or mostly conquered so I’m a little softer and not so serious.

That calls for brighter softer colors.

Happy Friday!

Jumpsuit – NY & Company

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Bag – YSL

Let’s talk

What are your goals for the year?  What do you want to be different?  What is the one thing that you must do this year?

These things can make it all seem so overwhelming.  What works for me is picking three major things.

I’ll go first with my three.

My first goal is to change up the content a little on the blog and Instagram.

My second goal is to be more adventurous, to say it sounds scary.

My third thing is to get outside of what I find to be normal and embrace the abnormal because it might bring me something good.   I would say cook more but we all know that won’t happen, lol.

A new year brings new things, with much of the old.  The secret is being able to incorporate some new things into the old routine.

I find that we delay things with the excuse of there is no time.  When is it ever the right time?  While we can let’s live and how about we enjoy it.

About this eating thing

I’m a foodie. I always have been a foodie. However I’m also into healthy eating and just maintaining my health. Since my vacation in Jamaica it’s been a constant food fest.

Let me just tell you, this first week of January is brutal. The workouts, the eating healthy. My body is literally in withdrawal. However as we do each year we embrace it and do our best to be better.

Besides I want to see what my body can do without sweets, and carbs, will maybe once in a while I’ll have carbs. My trainer keeps telling me there are good carbs 😂.

Happy healthy eating you guys!

One-of those weekends

It was one of those weekends. You know the ones where the work week just carried over into the weekend. I felt like I didn’t get time off to recharge. However this is part of being an adult, sometimes you do things you don’t want to, but because it’s necessary.

So I took my moments where I could. Did I mention I was moving? Ugghhh, I hate moving. However on the positive side, I get to purge the things I’ve accumulated. I also get to build new memories in a new environment.

One of the things I have committed to in 2018 is turning the negative into positive. So as week one if this year closes I can say I accomplished my weekly tasks. I’m packing with the assistance of wine, and I’m moving ahead with the plan.

Looking at the year to come I’m excited. Oh yeah I’m in withdrawal from all of the yummy foods I’ve eaten over the last two months. My tummy is not happy.

Anywho here’s to Monday mornings and overcoming the anxiety that goes along with it.

New Year.. new me?

I hit the ground running this year and almost forgot to post. I’m still within the first week though so I’m good.

Well last year had its ups, it’s downs, and it’s maybe’s.

In my work life, it was amazing. I started off the year unsure of how I would make it work. With the correct guidance, I unlocked potential I didn’t even know I had.

In my post married life, I’ve really come into my own. I know myself better and I’m so comfortable with me.

Sidebar, dating sucks, but it’s all a part if the process. My kid is good our relationship has evolved. I’m no longer having conversations with a little kid, he’s almost a grown man. Ahhhh

As I entered thus new year I think of all of the successes that can happen so I’m speaking it into existence. I hope you all do the same.

Remember YOLO 💋