The truth about dating…

First rule of thumb, if you are looking for perfection, there is none.  We all have our flaws.   I feel like we set these expectations of what we are looking for that are sometimes so unrealistic.    Ladies and gentlemen, simply put dating is hard.  As we get older and become set in our ways the dating pool narrows way down.   Compatibility challenges come from individuals not wanting to compromise, or overlooking a person because they are not in society’s eyes good enough for you.  I say what is the point in dating if you can’t open yourself up to something different.

At a certain point we all have deal breakers, things that we absolutely cannot live with.  I challenge you to look at the things you can live with.  It may not come in the form that you like when looking for your love but you might be surprised.

I have come across many people that my friends would say are not on my level, or he’s not in your class.  I say are your friends going to be with this person, or are you?  Trusting your gut and going against the grain might surprise you in the long run.   It’s about quality and not quantity.  What do you want and what type of person do you want to share the rest of your life with.

I welcome your thoughts.