I missed this one…

I’m totally on the run and forgot to share my NY trip. As it goes NY is the same. It’s fast, always open, has the best food and shopping around.

This time I felt like I ate more than I shopped. I spent more time being bamboozled out of my money by my son, lol ( who by the way turned 17 on Thanksgiving Day).

My turn around time for a NY trip is 4 Days. I start missing AZ and the warmer temperature. Who would think I’d say that coming from a diehard NY girl. Times change, people change. Don’t get me wrong I love NY, and always will. This time around it was about family. I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving Walking into December like 😎 xo


Published by busystylebeauty

I'm the mom next door, I am the woman that you see in the elevator. I've been in love with fashion, and beauty all of my life. I have graduated from the coveted fashion school in New York and I have worked for the best retailers. My work is in business now. Sometimes I find myself longing to do what I do best. This is why Busy Style Beauty has become my new passion. I can offer advice, tips as well as the 411 on what's trending . Come with me on this journey of beauty style and a busy life. Need my help just call or email me

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