A day in the life of me

I wake up every morning thinking, I should really get some more sleep.  I lay in bed longer than I intend to, checking my blog, my personal email, and Facebook.  You know important things.  That’s really me trying to delay the day and the zillion things that I have to do. I turn on the news while I get ready, knowing whzt’s going on the world is a must.  Next stop is makeup, putting the outfit together.  I do this while wondering  hmm do I have time for coffee, and I wonder what unexpected things will happen today.  I also spare myself some time to daydream, we all do it regardless of if we care to admit it.    

Once  I leave the house it seems that I go into warp speed.  Sometimes meetings Take place in the car before I even get to work.  Sometimes I think there is radar and people know I’m there before I even pull in to my parking spot.  After my whirlwind day I finish my day off when I walk through the door of my home and embrace the peace.  Depending on my day the first stop Is the refrigerator,   A glass of wine to wash the day away..  today was a wine day.