Just a thought….

I’m having a day.  You know the kind of day that you literally want to punch someone in the face.  Yup that’s the kind of day.  I’m pretty good at not letting people push my buttons but sometimes, I literally have to pull myself back.

In my line of work I have to be the calm one.  As they say never let them see you sweat.  This also leads me to another thought.  Are people so full of themselves or just miserable so they want to make others be a part of their misery.  I take comfort in a thing  called karma and it’s a bitch when it comes around.  There are peace killers in this world if you let them, they will steal your joy.

I’m going to take the remainder of this lunch hour to regain a positive energy and make the remainder of my day better.



You know that nagging feeling you get that just won’t go away, the one that says you’re in the wrong situation.  Or the feeling you get that you’re not in the right place, or with the right person.  It’s called intuition for a reason.  It’s your sixth sense telling you to run, protect yourself. It’s trying to keep you from harm.  

Too many times we don’t listen to our intuition, our inner voice and then we regret it.  So if you have that nagging feeling of impending danger or if you feel like something is about to happen don’t ignore it.  The little voice is trying to tell you something.

Sunday Style

The story behind this dress is as follows.  When I tried it on I liked the  fit buuuut it was too long.  So I finally got around to sending it to the cleaners to have it shortened.

I’ve put this  dress on and taken it off several times.  I don’t know why just felt like to wasn’t the time to wear it.    Today was the day and it was very appropriate since it is hot as hell.  Thanks to my friends that put up with me while I try to get the perfect shot.  Happy Sunday!

Dress – J Crew (last year)

Clutch – Gucci

Slippers – Tory B