Monday Moivation

A long time ago I realized that people are sometimes not genuine.  The person that you see is not really who they are.  I’ve spent my life trying to always be myself.  I am who I am and I don’t try to hide that.  I am as loyal as they come.  What I don’t understand is why others feel they need to hide behind a facade.  If I’m your friend I’m a good friend, that ride of die chick.  Good, bad, and the ugly I’ll be there until I feel that I’m not appreciated or treated the way that I should be.  

Simply put I have a limit, a line not to be crossed.  And the end of the day I always try to see the good in people, sadly though disappointment is evident when you sometimes find out that people are not genuine or honest.  It gets me every time because I should know better.  I’ve been around long enough and have seen so many things.  I guess it’s that pure part of my heart that always wants to believe.  I’m that little girl that never wants to be jaded and become a bitter person. 

Despite lies, dishonesty, and broken trust I refuse to become a hardened person.  I prefer to see the light.  For me it is a constant reminder of the good person that I am and will always strive to be.   

So when people shock you just say to yourself I must have been put in their path for a reason, and then move on.  Why waste time with people who do not care about you.

Enjoy your week, make it a good one ❤️