Skincare my way…

Before the makeup goes on, before the glam, there is simply good skin.  First things first, it is not only about the products used on the skin it is also about your state of mind.  All the products in the world won’t matter if you are not in a good place mentally and most importantly if you are not getting enough sleep.  Yes, I said sleep its the beginning of good skin.

Now lets begin, the first rule is never, and I mean never go to bed without removing your makeup.  It will bring clogged pores and greasy skin and the appearance of pimples.  I know you get tired sometimes but even if it’s using facial wipes, remove the makeup! If you absolutely have those times where you don’t remove your make up then be sure to spend a little extra time on your skin the next morning.

My skin care regiment can be simple to complicated.  On the weekend I have more time, but during the week its the simple things.  I use a facial wash to cleanse my skin, after that I exfoliate 3-4 times per week.  I use my Clarasonic brush religiously.   Twice a week I use a mask to rejuvenate my skin. I put it on right before going into the shower, it saves time.

Once I’m done with my cleansing routine I use a moisturizer and under eye cream before putting on my makeup,.  Of course choose your moisturizers to compliment you skin.  If oily skin you want to use something oil free.  Remember you night-time moisturizer should be a little heavier than your day time moisturizer.

Right now my brand of choice is the Lancome family as far a moisturizers and facial washes go.  However there are a couple of other goodies that I swear by.   We all get those occasional breakouts for those times my cleanser changes, I either use glam glow clearing cleanser or neutrogena facial wash.

For an added boost I also take hair, nails , and skin vitamins daily.  It can never hurt.  As long as you cleanse and moisturize and add an occasional mask to your routine you should be looking at health glowing skin.  A happy you will bring glowing skin.






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