Tips for eating out alone…

We live in a world where it seems that eating by yourself is taboo.  Let’s face it everyone doesn’t have a significant other.  It seems that we tend to stay in if we are not in a relationship, and eat in front of the television.  I say there is a big world out there go out and explore it.  One of the things that I intend to do more is take myself out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   It’s a good way to get out and possibly make new friends.

  1.  People watch, I’m a big people watcher it’s an intriguing thing to do.   I love to watch people watch me as I’m out alone and wonder what they are thinking.  I love to watch the fashions,  the couples, and sometimes I love to eavesdrop, shhh don’t tell anyone.
  2. Take a good read with you, with my schedule my magazines pile up and I fall way behind.  A nice glass of wine while thumbing through a magazine is the best ever.  So catch up on some reading.
  3. Blog, sometimes I feel that I blog on the run.  I bought a smaller laptop so the tI could take it with me and blog more but I find that I never do that.  Being out by yourself may give you more inspiration and diversity in your blogging.
  4. Try different restaurants trust me there are so many places out there I probably won’t get through all of them but the experiences is what make them different.  Discover that little place that you always drive by and say you will stop at one day but never do.
  5. Dress up like you are going on a date, you are important and why not look like a million bucks when you’re going out alone.  My mom always says dress your best, you never know who you’re going to meet.