So about 2016

What can I say it was a good year.  When it started I didn’t quite know how it would turn out.  I learned that I’m a badass.  I can bring home the bacon, but I don’t want to fry it up in a pan, and I don’t have to😀.  I showed myself that I can do what needs to be done and more.  I worked hard,  I traveled, I kept myself healthy and fit.  My personal life is drama free and enjoyable.  Someone says you make me smile to me all the time.  My kid is taken care of and I have gotten rid of negativity in my life.  I prayed to be in abetter place and well, here I am.  I’m hoping that 2017 brings me more opportunities, and joys.  I hope that my friends and family remain in good health.  I can say that 2016

 has been a year of learning, getting to know you, and lots of smiles!


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