Droppin some knowledge

You know every once and while I like to reflect on my life my career and just the overall state of things.  Then there are the times that I think way too much when I don’t have to.  There are also times when I feel I need to let go more.  Lately I have realized that what people think of me is not important and loving myself is. Giving is a part of me … well my mom always says when you give it comes back to you ten fold.  I truly believe that.  Having a kind spirit doesn’t make us gullible it just makes us good people.   Sometimes good people are hard to come by.  We strive for happiness and comfort and an overall good life.  However life can throw us some curve balls.  How we handle the experience and what we learn from it is the important thing.  So today that thing that you’ve been putting off.. do it.  That place you’ve been wanting to go…book a trip.  That boy or girl you’ve been wanting to ask out.. make a date.  Live and have no regrets.

2 thoughts on “Droppin some knowledge

  1. Whatever negative comments anyone ever has to say is doesn’t matter when it comes to your personal well being. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts only. Best of luck in every area of your life! Great post 🙂

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