This Thai coconut mushroom soup.  Is to die for.  I love fall because all of these flavors make these soups som amazingly good.

Not to mention the food st White Chicolate grill is incredible.

Tuesday’s and tweed

Feeling very fallish today and also very Jackie O ish.  Love when alook comes together when I really didn’t plan to wear this.  When the dress is this busy.  Simple accessories apply.  I’m conquering the day like a beast.

Dress- NY and Company

Shoes and  Bag – LV

Nights like thisĀ 

You know that night, the day is over, and you finally make it home.  You shut the garage door and step in the house ahhhhh.  You step out of those heels and put your laptop on the table.  The only thing you’re thinking is comfy clothes here I come.  So you put on the sweats and order Chinese.  You pour a glass of whatever you like.  To quote Julia Roberts you”pop a squat ” on the living room floor, and turn on the tv.  It becomes the best night ever.