Well I think I’ve finally snapped out of my funk I’ve been in.  Thanks goodness because it’s exhausting  feeling grumpy and gloomy each day.  However it is extremely hard to pull yourself out of this place.  

Today I woke up feeling better and ready to face the world and get back amongst the living.  So I got out of my own head and hit the streets. I did some blog research, took myself to lunch, and did a little shopping.  

Later I’m going to take myself to the movies.  I have to learn to do things by myself again. I haven’t been in this place in years and it has been tougher than I thought.

I do know that every day is not promised so why waste precious time moping around.  We all have issues some worse than others but we can try to be positive each day.  I know that I am going to try really hard to be thankful and grateful for this amazing life that I have.  I also have to realize that life is about going through change.  This is a new journey for me so I’m going to embrace it.

Happy Sunday!