Start with the bright color and then style around It.  I chose these red pants from Talbots

Paired it with the off the shoulder black and white top from White House Black Market and added my accessories.

Black Diane Von Furstenberg Sandals and a red Hermes bracelet

Adding some funkiness I then added a leopard print belt.  And there you have it outfit complete.

Healthy eatingĀ 

Sometimes my weeks can be a little crazy.  There are times that I have to miss workouts due to work stuff, during that time I try to keep my meals on the light side.  One of my favorite meals  is soups and salads.  It fills me up without being too much.  

Trying to find a balance is hard.  During the middle of the day those vending machines taunt me.  Most days I can resist temptation but on my weak days there are those donuts that scream have one.  On those days I just can’t resist.  Everything in moderation…