My take on beauty boxes

So as girls we all like product.  Some of us like it way too much.  For instance me,  I have 3 drawers deep of makeup.  Lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow, you name it.  I’m always afraid that I’ll run out of something.  However if you just want to try a product out beauty boxes are very handy.   You try the product and if you like it then you buy the actual size.   I discovered quite  a few amazing products by trying out trial sizes.   The monthly cost is about $20 and you can discontinue the membership whenever you like.  My new fave is the essence beauty box.  The products are made for my skin type,  and there are so many brands that I don’t know about that are featured in the beauty box.  It’s not a bad option for trying out new products.



Sophisticated is the name of the game today.  Simply back lace.  Timeless and classic style.  Because the dress has so much detail not many accessories are needed.  I used bright makeup for a daytime look.  If I were wearing this dress at night my makeup would be more on the smoky side.

Dress- The limited

Shoes – Diane Von Furstenberg 

Necklace – Tiffany



We all know Monday is the day of the week we can do without.  Especially if you woke up two hours before the alarm like I did.  It’s bad enough that I can’t sleep on Sunday night but now apparently I can’t stay asleep.

However I bought this dress because I saw it in a magazine and had to own it.  I could wait to wear it and hate it.  It makes me feel pretty, and feminine, and lady like, and confident.  So my Monday is awesome.  I hope yours is too.

Dress- New York and Company

Shoes – Louis Vuitton 

Bag – Chanel

A taste of Fall

A taste of Fall

One of the huge colors this season is Gray.  It happens to be a fave of mine, not to mention it works very well with my skin tone.  There is nothing like the moment you find that dress, pair of shoes, accessory, that makes you catch your breath.  The moment you knew it had to come home with you.  These babies have been sitting in my closet for months and months.  Now I get to wear them Yay!

Happy Fall…

Fall Style

Fall Style

In Arizona we can still dress like this and call it fall.  This is the weather we live for.  Cool nights and not so warm days.

Living the dream in my distressed denim jeans and my tank top with my animal print shoes and my LV.  Life is good.  Happy Saturday

Top – Athleta

Jeans – Banana Republic

Shoes – Sam  Edelman

Bag – Louis Vuitton