My son started school out of state today.  Last week was filled with many emotions.  Am I doing the right thing? Will he be okay etc.  Typical mommyisms as I call it.  However today is a new day and I’m feeling good.  He’s doing great and his first day of the 11th grade was amazing.  So I’m going to do what we as women never do, take some pressure off myself and breathe.  Life is a journey of countless experiences. Sometimes  we forget to experience things because we are already on to the next moment.  This phase  is for me to get reacquainted with myself again.

Happy Monday💋

2 thoughts on “Soooo 

  1. Oh, I’m sure it’s a nerve-wracking experience; but, obviously, you have a great approach and I’m hoping you are successful in not putting any stress on yourself! 🙂

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