The art of doing absolutely nothing 

My weeks are busy, my days long, and nights short.  So how come on the weekend I find it hard to just be still?  I always complain that I have too much to do, yet the thought of not doing something is frightening.  Could it be that I feel useless if I am not constantly running around with a goal?  Yesterday I forced myself to do just that nothing.  After a morning of doing a few errands I decided to take the afternoon off.  I decided to catch up on all of my shows that have been filling my DVR for months.  I binge watched criminal minds.  I had popcorn, and a glass of bubbly all from the comfort of my bed.  Allowing myself that time showed me that I actually can take my foot off the gas every once and a while.

So to all of you that feel that you can’t rest, yes you can just do it.

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