Waxing… Brazilian and all The real deal

I’ve opened myself up to new experiences this year and let me tell you I’m having a blast. I’ve added waxing to those experiences.  

I had be coaxed into it,  my girlfriend said “trust me you won’t regret it, but for the first time take two Motrin”.  That should have been cause for alarm but I rolled with the punches, new experiences new me.

My technician was a bubbly twenty something, we’ll call her S.  Her first job should be as a therapist because she got me talking and made me forget the nervous terror that was bubbling in the pit of my stomach.  I soon forgot what I was there for.  Man, she’s good at distraction.  I literally almost jumped off the table when she peeled the wax off the first time.  She did say the first time is the worst.  

Since that first time I have been going religiously for my appointments every three weeks.  I would never go back to shaving anything on my body.  The results are amazing, and the upkeep in between appointments is minimal.  So after all of these years I discovered something new.  So ladies and gents,  just go for it you never know what you’ll discover.  My place of choice European Wax Center.  I have been converted.

5 thoughts on “Waxing… Brazilian and all The real deal

  1. yasssssssssssssssssssss waxing is the truth, i hardly nair anymore these days, and i havent shaved in about a year. i dont even know how to shave anymore, i would probably have niks and cuts all over my body…lol

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