About this weekend…

We work hard and they say we’re supposed to play harder.  I say find your comfort setting and roll with that.  I spent the weekend in Vegas celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I know all too well that I am way past the woo hoo days and the all nighters.  My mode of celebration would be deemed calm by Vegas standards.

Good company and good food and a lot of people watching.  Oh yeah let’s not forget the shops.  When a good song comes on you bounce a little in your chair.  Now I wouldn’t mind finding a club if you can tell me where one is for the over forty crowd.  That being said after a hectic week, I got the weekend to just kick it with my girl and leave Vegas pretty much in tact.  Who would have thought that relaxing and Vegas could be used in the same sentence.  Cheers to the weekend and hello Monday, I think!


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