A day in the life of me…

 For  the past six years my day has started the same way, or should I say since I became a mom. The alarm goes off, I groan, and sink deeper into the bed.  I think it just can’t be morning already.  Reality sets in,  I literally have two minutes before I have to stand in my kid’s doorway  and say “time to get up it’s 6:30.  If that doesn’t happen it throws off the whole rhythm of things.   He misses the bus, I have to drive him to school and then I’m  behind schedule.  So as I shuffle my way down to the end of the hallway I know it’s for a good cause.  The next phase is time checking,  I’ve been doing this part since middle school.  Every five minutes I yell out the time because I need to make sure  things happening and he’s getting ready.  It annoys my son but heck, it works for me.

Once he’s out of the house and I wait the allotted 10 minutes to make sure he didn’t miss the bus, then it’s time for me to get it together.  I do the usual, shower, put on makeup, pick out the outfit. while a zillion thoughts run though my head.   All while listening to Good Morning America.  

I start prioritizing what to do first.  My day is a tricky one.  I’ve got to be a business woman and a mom, and a counselor, etc, etc.  I think,  wow if I can do all of theses things at one time, how come there are times when I can’t even get off the couch?  Oh right that’s called exhaustion, lol.  

After my day job, well then I’ve got to work out because that’s what we do in today’s society we want to be super healthy.  While I love there are some days that I just want to go home and put on some stretch pants and sit in the couch with the remote.  However I suck it up and I exercise, and eat a salad afterward, big surprise.  I love the results from eating right and exercising, I’m not going to say I don’t.  After that it’s either taking, or picking my son up from training.  The single mom is back in effect.  My most fun moments are when my son smiles when telling me how he did that day.  Thursday night is one of my favorite nights of the week,  that’s when my favorite shows are on.  My day ends at around 11:30 or 12 and then I’m at it again the next day.  

  Mixing it up a little means hanging with the girls during the week.  The days are long but they are good for the most part I get to do what I love, raise a great kid, and just be. I think I maybe the chick that has it all  as they say or almost having it all❤️ 

About this weekend…

We work hard and they say we’re supposed to play harder.  I say find your comfort setting and roll with that.  I spent the weekend in Vegas celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I know all too well that I am way past the woo hoo days and the all nighters.  My mode of celebration would be deemed calm by Vegas standards.

Good company and good food and a lot of people watching.  Oh yeah let’s not forget the shops.  When a good song comes on you bounce a little in your chair.  Now I wouldn’t mind finding a club if you can tell me where one is for the over forty crowd.  That being said after a hectic week, I got the weekend to just kick it with my girl and leave Vegas pretty much in tact.  Who would have thought that relaxing and Vegas could be used in the same sentence.  Cheers to the weekend and hello Monday, I think!