Lean Eating

So my friends make fun  of me all the time.  Denise you eat like a rabbit, some say a squirrel.  Why you ask wellllll I follow a regiment.  3 to 4 days in the gym ( a mixture of Zumba and Weights) and I eat mostly greens and salmon or chicken, grilled of course.  I eat fruits for my sweets and raw almonds for my fat.   This is my Monday to Friday routine.  

However, I have a serious sweet tooth and I allow myself a really ridiculous carb loaded desert once a week.  Sometimes I need to have something I really want.  I eat to be healthy and I exercise to be strong and fit.  I eat my desserts because I want to and after all I am human.  

Sometimes it’s okay to fall off the wagon.  Everything in moderation is okay.  Having said that it’s lunchtime Yay!  I’m starving.

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