Lean Eating

So my friends make fun  of me all the time.  Denise you eat like a rabbit, some say a squirrel.  Why you ask wellllll I follow a regiment.  3 to 4 days in the gym ( a mixture of Zumba and Weights) and I eat mostly greens and salmon or chicken, grilled of course.  I eat fruits for my sweets and raw almonds for my fat.   This is my Monday to Friday routine.  

However, I have a serious sweet tooth and I allow myself a really ridiculous carb loaded desert once a week.  Sometimes I need to have something I really want.  I eat to be healthy and I exercise to be strong and fit.  I eat my desserts because I want to and after all I am human.  

Sometimes it’s okay to fall off the wagon.  Everything in moderation is okay.  Having said that it’s lunchtime Yay!  I’m starving.

A fresh start..

I’ve only let my followers in on my fashion obsession on the blog.  I have not opened up about me the person.  While fashion is a passion of mine there is another side to  me, the human side.  So I’ve decided to open up a little because maybe my experiences can help someone going through a tough time.

Last year was a telling one for me. Not only was it a learning experience it also made me wiser.  I got a “DIVORCE”.  Yes the dreaded D word that makes one feel like a failure or to some a quitter.  Coming from parents that have been married for over 40 years well I didn’t feel good.  I went through the why can’t I get this right phase.   For me I had to decide how I would turn that experience into something positive.  I channeled my inner strength, I focused on rebuilding my individual life, and I focused on making my son feel like we are okay and he is safe and that mom will always be there no matter what.

  Of course there are moments of self doubt, and the did I do the right thing question.  The question we always ask when we’re afraid.  Sadly, its a part of life.  However I realize that I am stronger and more determined than people think.  I do not know how to stop and say uncle  when it comes to my life.  I am a person of  action and I like to see my dreams come true.  So while my marriage may not have made it, I have become a better person in the sense that I know what is important and what is not.  I know that even though you are a couple in marriage, you also need to be an individual. 

 Everything does not have to be a thing or an argument.  Much like with kids you have to choose your battles.  Simply put  life is to be enjoyed and spent with someone who will appreciate you for you and let you be yourself.  So while I would have rather not go through this experience it has caused me to take the good from it and find me again.  I can truly say that I am comfortable in the skin I’m in.