So about last night….

Last night I decided to go and do a double session at the gym.  I trained and worked legs and glutes and abs.  I then left and went to Zumba and sweated something fierce.    I was totally exhausted by the end.  Sometimes I do too much.  Long days and long nights sometimes lead to exhaustion.  So I take care of this body of mine but I have to remember to not overdo it.

This morning as I literally crawled out of bed with sore body parts, I chuckled to myself.  No pain, no gain right?  Well today I could have dealt without the pain.   Life is a juggling act, sometimes we can juggle just a little too much.  However to all of those ladies that do what I do and still find a way to stay active, fit and still manage work and kids, kudos.  Keep up the good work.