This day could have gone so many different ways for me this year.  However I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Instead of being home alone, I decided that I would not sit around feeling sorry for myself.  So I called a girlfriend hatched a plan and said here I am world.  I’m stronger, more determined, and more convinced that I can accomplish and do whatever I want.  When life changes we tend to retreat, but I refuse to do that.  I am special, I am worthy, and I am unbreakable.  It is possible to come out of the storm and survive.  It is possible to reflect and know that it’s going to be okay.  Instead of wanting to put my trials of 2015 out of my mind,  I am learning from it.  I know what I Am no longer willing to accept.  I know my value and my worth.

Thanksgiving Day was spent differently this year, however I am blessed beyond measure to have people around me that talked me through the sad times.   I am thankful for good friends who always have my back.  So as I sat in that restaurant feasting on incredible food, I realized how extremely lucky I am to experience this incredible life.  

Just remember, the story is yours to write, how do you want your story to end?💋

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