It was my mani, pedi day.  I love it when I get to take a break and let someone take over making me feel good.  

The simple pleasure in just flipping through your favorite magazine as your feet are massaged is priceless.  No talking just sighing in content.  I take it when I can get it.😄


These products are the truth….

These products are the truth….

I spend a lot of money on my skincare products.  In our society there are constant improvements in skincare everyday.  Simply said the cost to women is a lot.  Women spend billions each year on beauty.  Why not catch a break when you can.  My brand of choice is Chanel and Valmont and they are costly. When they said that No7 the English brand was purchased by women every 7 seconds I had to know why?  I purchased the advanced serum to use in the day because it is light.  This product really does my skin good.  I was not disappointed.

  When I was out I quickly returned to the store to purchase the day cream.  Of course Walgreens is having a sale on beauty products $5 off 3 products.  Trust me ladies this product is do worth it.